Over the last fifteen years MUTECSA decides to direct their attention to the Automotive sector. Offering their added value and services to the principal suppliers of the TIR1/TIR2 in the international market.

Electricity and Electronics

MUTECSA provides components destined for the installations of medium to low voltage, for smaller sized electrical devices.

Surgical Equipment

MUTECSA provides diverse components and springs for the health sector.

Upholstery and Comfort

MUTECSA diversified their business into the sector of CAMPING, in which they reached a high position in the market, and focusing on the sector of upholstery and seating.

Other Applications

MUTECSA creates components with customer design for other various sectors: agriculture, wind energy,…

Contacta con nosotros

Mutecsa cuenta con una unidad de I+D orientada al desarrollo de producto, así como a la fabricación de prototipos y realización de ensayos.