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MUTECSA provides their clients with the option of a second operations service for resistant coating and finishes. This service is fundamentally based on improving the mechanical properties, surfaces and resistance to corrosion, also improving the overall aspect and giving the parts a tone or specific color. The process of these operations are carried out internally as well as externally through their collaboration.


  • Treatment is based on shot peening against the surface of the parts, to implement the resistance properties and against the mechanical fatigue or heat when there are high work loads. Applied to the compression springs or the torsion spring based on the requirements of the technical components in question.
  • An application of a polyamide finish (RILSAN PA11) and EPOXI is applied over a part to avoid the metallic sound between components in seats or parts and assemblies. Has excellent corrosion and heat resistance. Comes in diverse colors.
  • Electroplating is applied statically or dynamically (in mass). Corrosion resistance CNS between 48 to 500 hours. Varying shades and tones. After Passivated/ Sealed ( Black, Iridescent, bichromate) to increase resistance properties. Dehydrogenated.
  • The application of the finish Zinc laminate. Excellent anti corrosion properties: 200-800 hrs. CNS with Top Coat. No hydrogen embrittlement. Free of Cr.
  • The shining black finish is applied through soaking. A bath of color for the embellishment of the exterior surfaces, with low maintenance requirements to corrosion.

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