Mutecsa toward the technological jump

Mutecsa toward the technological jump

The company who fabricates springs are moving to their new premises from Basauri to Lemoa

The company responsible for the fabrication of springs have plans to complete expansion of their installations  to at least 5000 square meters, thanks to the relocation of their plant to Lemoa.

This move is included in their strategy of growth for Mutecsa and the predicted growth in the coming years.

Like this the company continues with their aim of expansion which was born from the desire of improving the business structure.

This way they can facilitate new forms of administration and activities in relation to the fabrication of springs.

This is the recent growth of production of springs by the company to create new prolific sectors, like automobiles, who have made available space from their previous site where the opportunity for expansion was limited. In consequence to this they had to turn down a series of projects in the last few months. Based on this , all parts of production have been moved and transported to the Lemoa site. At this site there will be a workspace of nearly 6000 square meters available with 5000 square meters for the production line.

On the other side the operation in progress is to improve the engineering department and expansion which will also take advantage of the new space available. Which in turn will form the new Mutecsa.

With all this happening of course the possibility of growing the workforce within the company in the coming months will have a positive effect. Creating jobs for 36 new employees who will be incorporated into the production line at the Lemoa plant.

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