Mutecsa opens up new client market with programs for Mexico, France and Morocco

Mutecsa opens up new client market with programs for Mexico, France and Morocco

The projects implicate the introduction of more robotic cells in their Lemoa plant.

Mutecsa have unveiled the creation of a series of projects in 2020/2021 expanding their international relations. The program of components for the motor industry in France,morocco and mexico. Have invested in robotic cells and plans to expand their presence around the globe.

Muelles Técnicos (Mutecsa) started the period 2020-2022 with the aim to increase their sales around the world. With plans to grow their production capacity at their plant in Lemoa. As presented by the company’s  president Alberto Ibarguen who said “in 2019 we attained a growth in our sales above 15% while in 2020 we hope to maintain our rise, but with a moderate percentage, primarily in the automobile market”.

The base of the growth has been supported in the words of Ibaraguen who said “in the important captation progress of programs in 2018/2019 and the growth of jobs for automobile plants around the world”.

Also “the high level of consultations and the strength of our brand is opening doors to new clients, shows the industrial cycle will be maintained in the coming trimesters”. Of course Mutecsa aims to arrive at the exportation quotes above 40% in 2020 in which “the hope of growth in the coming years with the industrialization and maturity of various projects in progress”.

New programs have exceeded the participation in Renault Kangoo which is assembled in the Maubeuge plant in france.
Mutecsa controls the delivery of the structure to the seats which includes components of safety, stamps and welding. The technicians from the company in collaboration with suppliers have designed an automated cell in function with the production line which includes the robot KUKA and an esna press.

As Well, in this exercise proceeds the industrialization of various springs for the interior of cars destined for mexico. This business path opened in 2019 with the fabrication of the first components. Which will be confirmed in 2020, with projects which use the elaboration of 4 million components yearly for Ford vehicles which are put together in both the American and European factories.

The last market is in Morocco, through a tier 1 which is based in the country . Mutecsa which gained a contract with BMW are also showing good results. They have obtained positive results with a new catalogue of components for car seats from the group PSA, who have set up in Morocco. The project has put forward machines adapted for the production lines.

The previous contracts and others gained like the new Corsa have contributed to maintain the workforce of an average of 54 workers and a high level of occupation in the Lemoa plant, where they moved to in 2016.

Finally Ibarguen commented that “now we contemplate the real possibilities of the long term stability where we will start the openings of new plants and offices around the globe, along with attractive new potential markets in eastern Europe, Mexico and north Morocco”.

Article published in Empresa XXI, 15th february 2020.
Jesús Galindo Lemoa