Basauri, Bizkaia


Offering solutions in strategic sectors for 30 years

Founded in 1987, MUTECSA is a family business whose main activity is the manufacturing and supply of cold-rolled springs and 3D pieces formed by bending, with wires of circular, square, rectangular or flat sections, as well as the supply of sets of rod pieces and assembled and/or welded components.

We have a wide range of state-of-the-art machines, processes with high automation content and a flexible structure that provides a quick and efficient response to the needs of all our customers, from direct collaborations in product design, production process design and even optimal delivery conditions.

Our organisation is based on the integration, collaboration and trust of all the personnel who work in the company, considering it as its main asset, in such a way that the quality of the products and services that we offer to our clients is guaranteed in order to satisfy their needs and expectations.

History of Mutecsa

The birth of Muelles Técnicos, S.A. – MUTECSA

The birth of Muelles Técnicos, S.A. – MUTECSA

as a family business, focusing on the manufacturing of springs for comfort and camping in Basauri (Bizkaia).


Modernisation of the machinery,

replacing mechanical machinery with state-of-the-art numerical control and servo motor technology.


Product diversification – STRUCTURES AUTOMOTIVE

MUTECSA expands its facilities by providing specific machinery for shaping, assembling and welding of shaped rod structures for automotive seats


Robotics and automation of production processes of forming and welding

MUTECSA incorporates numerous robotic cells, both in production and in handling, to increase added value and improve the level of quality.

Transfer of facilities

Transfer of facilities

MUTECSA moves to Lemoa, expanding its growth capacity to a 6000m2 machinery park.